Top 10 Most Useful Websites for Java Developers

List of most effective and trustworthy resources about Java Technology. 

Below is the list of most effective and trustworthy resources about Java Technology. These could be very useful and interesting for Java programmers. I have been using these resources since many years for finding latest information about Java technologies.

1. Oracle Java Technology Home Pages (

The site Contains information about almost everything you need to know related to Java including news, articles, blogs, certifications, career options and information related to Java projects. Visit this page frequently to keep yourself up to date about Java Platform.

2. Java Download Page (

This is the right place to visit if you are looking to download and install the latest Java Development Kit. It also provides detailed instructions about how to run the Java installer on various platforms.  

3. Java API Reference (

This site contains API specification for Java SE. The HTML documentation is generated from the Java source code using the JavaDoc tool.  

4. The Java Tutorial (

This site contains collection of tutorials and reference guides for the Java Programming Language. These lessons are also available in the book form as The Java Tutorial, Sixth Edition. Check this URL to purchase this book online

5. Java Ranch (

The site contains mock tests and useful resources for learning various topics ranging from java, databases, android and preparation for certifications. it's a very nice place for learning Java through Fun.

6. Java EE related projects on GitHub (

This site contains projects related to Java EE and other projects earlier hosted in You can find various project home pages for more information about them and contact details associated with these projects.

7. Javapedia (

Visit this site to follow discussions, Q&A about Java technologies and frameworks. is also useful for Java and Java EE developers, technologist and college students preparing for interviews.

8. ( 

The site contains information about the latest technology in Java Enterprise edition. This is the place where java developers discuss about various topics related to Java, Java EE, programming, software  and trends in server-side development. It is very big online community for enterprise Java architects and developers, providing daily news, tech talks and webinars etc.

9. (

This is the place where you can find Latest Java Software (Games, Mobile and Desktop applications). It's legitimate and safe place to install java plug-in. Other sites may show some fake pop-up and trick you into downloading software that isn't actually java.

10. Go.Java (

This site claims to provides resources about how Java powers the innovation behind our digital world. It contains collection of resources on Java Platform for Students, Hobbyists, Developers, and IT Leaders.  

Although there are plenty of similar lists over the internet about useful resources on Java. However, I have found many have become outdated and are showing information which are relevant only up to Java 5. 

After Java 8, the language have gone through major overhaul requiring significant changes in the approach towards Java programming. The language is also evolving very fast with a six month release cadence for new version of Java. At the time of writing this article the current version was Java 15. 

I have written this article to enable Java developers at all levels to be more productive and efficient on your java projects by using its latest features.  In case you come across more such interesting and useful resource on Java do share it in the comments section.


  1. Below is few more unofficial links with good Java tutorials, some might not be updated as per latest Java versions but still contains valuable informations:


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